About Us

My name is Ally, and Wild Wood has been a dream of mine which recently came to life in 2020. On my first day of wood shop class in high school, I fell in love with woodworking. As all things are, I was frustrated when I wasn't instantly a master of wood carving and wood-working, however, I never gave up.

Time went by, and life got busy... I became a mom and was working full time to support my daughter. Arts and crafts became our favorite activity together, and I decided to make her a sign with her name for her room. After posting a picture on Facebook, everybody wanted one! I began making custom signs for friends and family, and eventually opened my own Etsy shop in January of 2020, and launched this website in 2023. Slowly but surely, my little shop began to take off!

Today I am expanding my inventory weekly, constantly designing new items, and making custom requested signs. My favorite part of this shop is breathing life to your ideas! Watching this little dream of mine come to fruition has been a incredible, and I am truly grateful for each and every one of you!

-Ally Close